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I visited the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state a few years ago and have been dying ever since to return to the Pacific Northwest. I picked up the brochure of the Oak Harbor Art Tour from the Chamber of Commerce and got a glimpse of the charming downtown area, known for 15 sculptures and art installations. A kayaking trip is what I would do best on Whidbey Island. Sail through the towns of Whidsbey and San Juan Islands, take to the water and experience the charm of this charming downtown with its 15 sculptures.

Divers can enjoy the view of the Pacific from the Oak Harbor Aquarium, and you can stay for free at Whidbey Island Yacht Club during your sea trip. Other parks to visit during your vacation in Oak Harbor include the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Olympic Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge and several RV parks and campsites scattered around Whidsbey. The Oak Bay RV park and campsite on the west side of Oak Harbour has 56 complete pitches.

The easiest way to get to Whidbey is to get here directly from Seattle via the Clinton Ferry Terminal, which takes you to Everett and then to Oak Harbor on the west side of Oak Harbour. Here you can catch a ferry from Everett Harbor to the ferry terminal at the southern end of the park. The park is a short drive from Clinton's ferry terminal and is the easiest way to forget Whidsbey.

This is the picturesque and historic town of Coupeville where you will find Fort Casey State Park. Turn into the harbor and go to the east side of Oak Harbor, past the fortress, then turn left onto Oak Harbour Drive.

Fidalgo Island is located north of the bridge and forms the northern border of Puget Sound. Just a few minutes "drive from Oak Harbor is Deception Pass State Park, an island that is completely floated around Whidbey. Co, owned and managed by the U.S. Forest Service and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, this area invites visitors to bask in the beauty of the ancient, growing forest that ends at the entrance to Oak Harbor, a short walk from the town of Coupeville. For a longer stay at Deceptions Pass, you can take in the tidal pools on Rosario Beach, walk north and west along the beach, take a boat ride in Cornet Bay or sample one of the few remaining old growth stalls on the island.

Note: US Air Force F-16 fighter jets regularly fly over the site to train there. Stroll around Deception Pass and nearby State Park to see if you can see one of them flying overhead.

Deception Pass Park is one of the best boat launch areas in northern Puget Sound, offering scenic and sometimes challenging coastal kayaking. There is also a lake where you can go into the water for a few hours, for $1.50 an hour. Whidbey Island has a winding coastline that leads to some interesting bays and harbors, and there's a good chance of spotting orcas as you cruise through the waters of Oak Harbor and Whidsbey Island. One of my favorite things about Oak Harbor, which is so close to the water, is that it is close enough to the ocean to be able to watch an orca as you drive through it.

For those who love to relax outdoors, Oak Harbor offers a wide range of outdoor activities, from kayaking and fishing to hiking, biking and canoeing.

We will drive to Deception Pass State Park, which will take you on a three-day hike through the picturesque waters of Columbia River Gorge.

The scenic Isle Way leads to Fort Casey State Park, a 645-acre camping park built on the site of a former train station in Port Townsend, Washington. The Keystone ferry takes you to the Olympic Peninsula and Port Townsend, from where the ferry takes you to Keystone. It is also possible to take a ferry from Port Townsend or to see the activities at the Casey Conference Center. FortCasey State Park offers a campsite for $5 per night, as well as a 5-day hike through Columbia River Gorge, which takes you on a three-day hike into the picturesque waters of the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

If you ever decide to visit Washington State, Whidbey Island should be on your list of places to visit. Combined with a visit to the San Juan Islands, make a longer stop on the Cascade Loop during your trip or just make sure you're there on your next visit to the Pacific Northwest. If you're looking for a break from the city - the molded life of Seattle, Tacoma and the rest of the Puget Sound area - this is the perfect day trip or weekend getaway.

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More About Oak Harbor