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It was recently announced that the approaching autumn sports season will be postponed due to concerns over COVID 19. Cross country and junior tennis, originally scheduled for the 2016-17 season of the Washington State High School Athletics Association (WHSAA), have now been postponed to the third season. Season 2 ran on February 27 and included boys' swimming, cross-country skiing, boys' basketball, girls' soccer, men's volleyball and women's tennis. Season 2, including the boys' swim, runs from April 26 to June 26. Season 3 and 4, as well as the first two weeks of Season 4 (with boys "football and girls" basketball) and the second half of the season.

Earlier, the WIAA had moved swimming, which requires more human contact, from season 3 to season 4 because of concerns about COVID 19 and its potential impact on athletes' health.

Smith said athletics' governing bodies did not feel it was safe or conducive to starting athletics in the fall. Fleury stressed that the fall sport was moved to Season 3 and not canceled during the athletics season last spring. He added that the sport could have moved to Season 4, but that would have caused a conflict with facilities and coaches.

He noted, however, that other schools in the region were in Phase 2, and Oak Harbor would not have had anyone to play against, so jumping into Season 3 with the rest of the Northwest Conference was the right choice. The county's athletic director, Doug O'Brien, said that if the county reaches Phase 4, cross-country meetings will be possible in Season 4.

If there is a sport that interests you that is not offered, please let the coordinator know. If your sport wants to participate, you probably have a league or tournament that suits your interests.

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Take a look at the top male athletes ever from Island County, cast a vote in the poll and sign up for the NFL in Indianapolis.

At the Tacoma Dome, the Wildcats defeated Bothell High School in overtime to win the Washington Class 4A State Championship. Lobbestael threw for 3,000 yards and ran for three scores to earn all of them - state honors as a senior in 2006. We had an era where teams ran as much as they threw, but this season we won 8-9 games, shut out 5 teams and finished the season in 4th place in our state.

I was expecting the new school in the conference, Whidbey Island, to beat us in every game this season, but they didn't.

The weapon - right-hander - Hands had to endure some tense moments, but all three of the team's wins in the state playoff were by four points or less, including a 14-7 first-round victory and a 17-14 victory over North Seattle in round two.

Eldon and Jenne Coupeville finished seventh at the 1908 US Olympic Games, won an NCAA title at WSU in 1921 and again in 1924. He set the school record for most receiving touchdowns in a single season in school history and broke Austin Seferian - Jenkins' record for the only season to get a total of touchdowns in program history, which he broke in his final year. The sports coordinator regularly plans the intermunicipal sports leagues throughout the year and teaches and trains football.

At the end of each season, a championship tournament is held for the best teams in each league. This is a great opportunity for our community to cheer on the local sailors, marines, soldiers and airmen as they vie for their bragging rights all year round.

One of the most important things people in Oak Harbor, WA can do is explore the wildlife. Take a tour of our state parks with an expert guide who can explain interesting places in the parks. To help you learn sports faster, you can visit one of these specialized schools for free.

Oak Harbor High School offers a wide variety of sports including football, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, baseball, football, football and baseball.

Admission to the Games is free and supported by local businesses and organisations. Various tournaments, which are held throughout the year, are also available and allow you to play friendlies and competitions during the working day. The Oak Harbor High School football, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, baseball, football and baseball teams offer a variety of games for boys and girls as well as a variety of other sports.

If you plan to go to the Naval History Center, it is important to show your driver's license and registration to get into the city, and it is important if you plan to go there. Postponing tennis for the third season seems to be the safest and smartest route, "said Chris Rolston, the athletic director of the Oak Harbor High School tennis team. The first round of tennis tournaments for the 2016 / 17 season will start the following month, and since the 15th falls on a Sunday, pre-registration will start on Friday, October 14.

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