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I visited the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state a few years ago and have been dying ever since to return to the Pacific Northwest. Located on the eastern edge of central Washington, Oak Harbor is a home - made - or home - for many residents and visitors to this small town.

Check out the activities at Casey Conference Center or catch a ferry from Port Townsend and check it out here. Here you would take a ferry from Seattle harbor to Oak Harbor or from Whidbey Island in Puget Sound. It is also possible to get directly from Seattle to WhIDBEY Island and then drive to the island as it is completely surrounded by water. The northern border of Puget Sound forms the eastern edge of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, north of Tacoma and south of Olympia.

Several RV parks and campsites are scattered throughout Whidbey, and other parks you can visit during your Oak Harbor vacation include the Oak Bay RV park, Oak Island RV park and Oak Point campsite and campsites.

During your stay, you can visit shops, and your agent is accredited and dedicated to helping you enjoy all that Oak Harbor has to offer.

I would like to thank you all for the support during my time on Whidbey Island. There is so much to discover in PNW, but for now I am focusing on the fun things to do in and around WhIDBEY Island!

The historic Deception Pass Bridge connects Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands and we will explore the history of the bridge where we will learn about its history, stop at the lookout and see wildlife such as seals and bald eagles. There are many opportunities to go by boat to Cornet Bay and hike along the coast to enjoy the beautiful water and forest scenery. Divers will enjoy the spectacular sea views and scenic views from the top of Rosario Beach. During our extended stay at Deceptions Pass we will look into the tidal pools at Rosarios Beach, walk along the Northwest Beach and gape through the remaining old - growing - trees.

If you need boat parts or accessories, you might want to check out West Marine before you travel to Whidbey Island, but the nearest places would be Anacortes and Port Townsend. If you are traveling from British Columbia to Seattle, you should take a detour to Oak Harbor and consider stopping there on your way through the park. Make sure you're with us on your next visit to the Pacific Northwest and make a longer stop on the Cascade Loop during your trip. Connected to a visit to the San Juan Islands, the Fraser Gourmet Hideaway is a great destination for dining, shopping, fishing, camping and other activities.

There are many beautiful hiking trails on the island, which lead you through prairie and wooded land and offer you a wide view of the water and mountains. Co - owned and managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources - the area invites visitors to bask in the ancient, sprawling forest that ends at the Oak Harbor National Wildlife Refuge, home to some of Washington's finest wildlife.

The scenic Isle Way leads to Possession Point County Park, a 645-acre camping park built in the late 1960s and early 1970s as part of the Oak Harbor National Wildlife Refuge. Fishing is also available at the Clinton, which has a jetty and access to the beach, as well as a small fishing pier and ramp for fishing boats. The Poss-owned Point County Park also features boat moorings, ramps and beaches.

Whidbey Island has a winding coastline that leads to interesting bays in the harbour, and there is also a lake where you can get out of the water. There are many ways to spot orcas as you cruise through the waters of Oak Harbor and Whid Abbey Island. The best time to catch these wonderful animals is from late February to late May, when large gray whales come through the Saratoga Passage on the east side of the island.

Oak Harbor in summer is charming, but being far north in winter must be brutal, and the weather is too cold at this time of year in Oak Harbor to be pleasant for warm weather travelers. If you are looking for a very warm time to visit the port of Oak Harbor, the hottest months are July, August and then September. From December 17th, when the fresh powder is deep, until the end of January, there is often a good chance to go up the mountain.

If you are traveling from Seattle to Victoria in the summer, I would recommend you stay in Oak Harbor. Surrounded by the majestic waters of Puget Sound and flanked by a picturesque beach and a beautiful lake, this state park offers you access to a rustic beach with stunning views. Kayaking in and around Oak Harbor is one of the most convenient, scenic, and affordable ways to enjoy this scenic environment. For some fun golf, visit Whidbey Golf Club if you have a pro near you, or just take a day trip.

More About Oak Harbor

More About Oak Harbor